Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Supper Club

Last night about 30 girls came over for our annual Christmas Supper Club.  So nice to have some quality girl time!

After being in FL all week for work, Target made my day with this fun $14 pitcher (by Threshold, naturally) and straws to spruce up my last minute hostess duties.  I can't find the pitcher online, but they have highball and old-fashioned glasses that are quite festive too.  The punch consisted of cranberry juice, OJ, sprite, pomegranate seeds and was topped off with champagne.  Easy and always a hit with ladies...Josh had a glass or two as well.

Everyone brought an app or dessert to share and we had a feast.

We've stopped doing Secret Santa and sponsored children from Myers' elementary school.  So much more rewarding....and as much as I just mentioned Target making my day, who needs another random Christmas platter?

Most of the girls -- a few hadn't arrived and a few had already left.

Olivia was shaved (a little too shaved!) by the groomer yesterday and now looks like a real pea head.  She's been sporting a tacky Christmas sweater from Target to cover her up.  This little miss was caught red-pawed standing on the kitchen island after most of the guests had left eating a piece of chocolate chip cheesecake (the hit of the party!) that I'd cut for Josh.  She devoured the entire piece!  That was after sneaking little pieces of peppermint bark all night.  Naughty, naughty girl.  I am now calling her Peppermint Cheesecake.

Looking forward to more Christmas celebrations this weekend.  So thankful for our friends!


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