Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pink Christmas

Having just reupholstered my dining room chairs, I decided to tie a little pink into my Christmas decorating this year.   

A few photos that got me inspired:
Christmas inspiration...

Looking for vintage ornaments for dining room

I wanted to find some vintage ornaments and did find some good ones on Etsy (like these), but ended up going the cheap and instant gratification route and purchasing ornaments 50% off at Michael's instead.  I loved the mix of pink, decorative gold that look vintage and the gold pine cone ornaments (also look vintage).  I put these in my big bowl on the center of my dining room table with my gold spray painted pine cones and scented pine cones that I'd had mixed in with spray painted gourds during the fall.  Made it holiday festive for about $10-15.

I also snagged some wide pink organza ribbon for $2.99 at Michael's (hint: it's on the bride aisle) to tie around wreaths in my dining room, foyer and powder room.

The rest of my Christmas decorations are pretty traditional Christmas colors and won't match the rooms they reside in, but it was fun to tie in a little pink and matchiness this year.

Do you try and match to the room?  Or just consider the Christmas decorations to be a neutral no matter the colors?


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  1. Love this! Such an inventive twist for Christmas decorations.