Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cullen Stafford!

Sorry for the delay, but I think these pics are worth the wait.  What a stunning bride and wonderful couple.  How fantastic were Louise's dresses all weekend?  Very Grace Kelly.

Dear Staffords -- TIME TO MOVE TO RALEIGH!

BRIDESMAIDS' LUNCHEON: Charlotte Country Club

College roommates

"Ann Woo", Rachel's mom and one of our gracious hosts, with the bride

The Wornall Women: Mother of the bride, matron of honor, bride, maid of honor

Cullen's mom, Cullen's sister Christy, Louise, Mrs. Wornall

Almost Mr. & Mrs. Stafford

How fantastic is the back of this dress?

Mother of the bride holding court with Cullen's groomsmen

Some of the lovely bridesmaids

Matthews and Ottos

Monroes take 1

Monroes take 2 -- typical. :)



Time to go home!

Then it was very sad, but my camera started taking blurry pictures and never all my wedding photos are thanks to my iPhone.  Bummer.

WEDDING: Christ Episcopal and Charlotte Country Club
Bride at Modern Salon

Just like the good ol' days

"Sir" Thomas Ragsdale...

Mr. & Mrs. Stafford arriving at their reception

First dance

Louise has made and loved silhouettes for years.  These were the two she did of she and Cullen that were on their save the date -- here mom got the originals framed with their wedding date -- so special.

Sexons minus West after cake cutting

Happy couple

Mom & Dad -- they celebrated their 32nd anniversary over the wedding weekend.

Mom & Rachel

La & Bean

Josh & mom

UNC roommates 

Ottos and Collins


Mother of the bride on stage with the band

Reactions to groom & brother in law of bride on stage with the band

Louise was not very amused when she was called on stage

Sybil & Bill dancing

Tossing the bouquet (Cullen's sister caught it!)

With Carrie (Lou's sister) and her husband, Zach

Caroline and MOB in her "Pippa" dress

Louise's first car, Precious, was the getaway car

Louise's dad saying his goodbyes...tear jerker

Look at the darling card my dad gave my mom for their anniversary over the weekend

Love you, Louise.  We had the best time at your wedding weekend!!!  Miss you tons already.



  1. Love this Whitney. Love your blog!!!


  2. Wow what a beautiful wedding! What a beautiful bride, beautiful venue, beautiful beautiful beautiful! Lovely photos!

    The Urban Umbrella