Tuesday, May 29, 2012

House Update & Den Inspiration

House Update:
We (and by we, I mean the excellent workers Gephart Hill has in place) have been making lots of progress.  I'm trying not to bore you by posting too much about the house, but the exterior has really been transformed so I thought I'd share a "before v. current" photo comparison.  Siding is up, windows are in, new roof is on....just need to repair stucco, add brick steps and paint the entire exterior.

With the progress going on structurally, the time is ticking for aesthetic decisions to all be made.  Obviously we won't be doing all the decorating and accessorizing for many years...but I'm at least trying to come up with overall ideas so I can start prioritizing and have some method to my madness.

Here is my current den inspiration board:
Since the den will be open to the kitchen, my current green accents and den rug will find a new home in the living room.  My furniture and art will stay in the den, just update with a few new blue pieces to tie into the blue theme in the kitchen. (Bailey- don't worry...the ENTIRE house won't be blue & white!) :)
Inspirational view from Kitchen
Inspirational view looking back to kitchen

Still not loving everything, but won't be buying any decorating items until long after we move anyways...



  1. Whit! Ya'll have made SO much progress! For the bamboo chairs....I just got one (link to photo below) from Ballard Designs, and I LOVE it. It's super comfortable, and you could definitely spray paint!


    Meredith & Gwyneth

    1. Awesome!! Thanks for the link to the chair. If I can't find a pair locally, I'll order those!