Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dog Harassment - The Halloween Episode

I wanted O to be an elephant, but we couldn't find a costume, so she will be a princess this year.  She pretty much hates it, but Josh & I find it very amusing.

Her eyes looks so creepy in these pictures -- I can't seem to make it home from work before dark and I am too sleepy to spend any more time fixing them, yet too impatient to not post tonight.

She looks really spooky in this one!

Isn't she lovely?  Poor dog!!

Do you think it's mean to dress your dog up for Halloween for the sheer purpose of owner amusement?  Did I mention Halloween is this sweet dog's birthday?



  1. I think she looks adorable! A perfect costume choice for that sweet girl.

  2. That is so cute! She looks presh. I think it is totally acceptable to dress your dog up. Think about all the shoes she ate. She deserves it. ha. Love your pumpkins!