Friday, October 7, 2011

Boots or Drapes

I've been debating for the last week if I should put my saved up allowance towards:

These beauties


These beauties (the ivory drapes, that is!)!

After losing an eBay auction where I was bidding on some gorgeous boots, I decided fate was pointing me to go with the latter-- and I think it was the right decision.  The silk ready-made drapes have been ordered from Printer's Alley.  Now I'll have to save up for the trim and hardware. 

I am so ready to go pick up my adorable husband from the airport!  I miss that man so much. 

We are heading to Beaufort for a friend's wedding tomorrow morning.  It will be outside at one of the most beautiful points in the world.  Looking forward to a fun night of dancing under the stars.

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