Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bailey & Brandon's Wedding Weekend: Part 3 - The actual big day!

Two "something olds" - the necklace was our great grandmother's and something that all the women on my mom's side wear on their wedding day (including me!).  I love how it is so dainty!  The handkerchief was something Brandon's grandmother, who couldn't be there for the wedding, gave to her.  Both very special. 
Her "something borrowed" was a gorgeous opal ring that was Brandon's mom's.  Erica, his sister, was so sweet to lend it to Bailey.
We got lots of great bridesmaids loot - gold bangle with 3 knots (for 3 bridesmaids or 3 sisters), Gigi monogrammed clutch and Plum Pretty Sugar robes.
We couldn't get the dogs to the actual wedding, but we had to have a few of Bailey with them before.
My sweet grandfather Choddee peaking in on the bride before the ceremony.

What a perfect evening and wedding for one of my favorite couples.  We love you guys and can't wait for a lifetime of fun.


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