Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Blue Thursday

I finally completed my bedroom cornices and drapes last night after work.  

As Josh was helping me hang the last cornice in the corner he had me convinced it looked crazy with the two cornices, but then we stood back and I think it's ok -- we didn't have much choice since the windows are close together on that corner.  Too late now!

Now I need a rug, new table skirt or bedside table on my side of the bed and some great bed linens.  I'd love to add two applique monogrammed pillows to my bed.  I wish it wasn't so pricey!
Product Image

I ran over to Charlotte's and snagged this great ChesterNYC necklace from the trunk show.  Can't wait to wear it this summer and to lots of Heels games in the fall.

Ready for the rain and cold to go away and make way for beautiful spring days!


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