Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Entertaining

My kitchen island is ready for Easter.  Vase is Juliska from La; eggs are alabaster from Williams-Sonoma; bunny was from Fearrington Village shop.

We had a joint birthday dinner for Jean & her sister Dorothy's birthdays last weekend.  I decided to keep it easy and used pink paper plates on gold chargers.  Still festive and colorful!  
As you can see, we don't have any dining room chairs, so I collected 8 chairs from all over the house.  I actually kind of liked the eclectic feel.

Tulips by kitchen window and calla lilies in living room.  Both pairs of containers are from Homegoods.

(5 seconds after this picture was taken I dropped and shattered the top of the cake plate.  I may have shed a few tears...I had just driven all over Raleigh to purchase a new one not 15 minutes before I clumsily dropped it. Oh well!)

The birthday ladies!

Then Friday we celebrated Jason's birthday at the Ottos' house.

The Otto brothers' ladies

The birthday boy & Marie


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