Thursday, March 21, 2013

Living room = ladies lounge

A few years ago Rachel and I started calling her formal living room the "ladies lounge" and I'm adopting that name for my transforming room too.  Calling it that does help explain to inquiring men why there is not a TV in the room!

My sisal rug arrived a few weeks ago and I really love how it helps warm up and lighten the room.
I changed the fringe on my panels to a flat green ribbon and think it helped the curtains look a bit more like they were planned to be in this room.
Someone thinks this makeover was all for her and we keep finding her in the ladies lounge.  Great spot for her to watch all the activity on St. Mary's St or take an afternoon nap!

Next project in the room are getting the pillows made.  I have all the fabric, just need to find trim and have them made.  I'm also going to work on a new piece of art in April.


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