Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Perfect little Saturday

As shown in a photo collage.

Saturday a.m. we headed over to Chapel Hill to the Camellia Forest - Olivia included.  We came home with two Jacks (stunning pink flower below) and one additional April Remembered.  I cannot recommend this camellia nursery enough -- they have so many varieties and it's really fun to walk around.

Lunch at Merritt's -- most delicious BLT with bluegrass in the background.  Perfection.

Then Saturday evening we celebrated two Hamrick kids' engagements -- Kiki and Chris (best friends who met at our wedding!) and Kate and Landon.  It was a lovely evening at the Hamricks' house.  Congrats to all four of them!
How cute are they?! So thankful for the future Mr. & Mrs. Hamrick.

Ayers family

Hamrick family

Ottos!  Happy 35th anniversary to my in-laws!  We love you both!

Myers Park High School ladies

Looking forward to lots more celebrations!


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  1. i love that flower!!
    kisses from Milano!