Thursday, February 7, 2013

Master Bedroom Cornices & Panels Project

This project is slow -- and for once it isn't all my fault!  I had 4 panels that I ordered for our old den that I used in this project, but am waiting on 4 more to arrive to complete it.

However, I'm getting impatient and wanted to show the progress of this semi-DIY project.

Here is the before and a little tour of the room.
The bedding still needs some help.  It is a bit of a mix of pre-marriage bedding from both our beds.  The skirted table on my side needs to go -- on the hunt for a small chest.
The desk was recently loaned to us by Bailey since she didn't have space in Boston (lucky me!).  I need to get a vanity stool / chair and hang something over it.  I'm thinking of maybe a little lucite chair to add something a bit more modern to the room.
This bench and plates vignette is probably my favorite place in the house.

The man who did the cabinets during our renovation was nice enough to agree to use left over materials to make me 3 cornice boards.  Maybe your husband is handier than mine and can help?  Otherwise, you could try thick foam board, but it may not give you quite as sturdy or smooth of base.

I bought a few yards of batting from Mill Outlet (so cheap!).

I then laid the cornice on the batting and cut out enough to staple onto the cornice board.  Pull tightly!  It can be helpful to have an extra set of hands, but I did it solo this time.  

I then went around and hammered the staples in because sometime I didn't apply quite enough pressure with the staple gun.  

Someone felt the need to keep laying on my fabric...

I then ironed the pre-made rod pocket panels.  I used one panel to cover two cornices.  I'd recommend just buying fabric by the yard for this part, but unfortunately that wasn't an option for me.  I then traced around on the fabric and stabled onto the board covered in batting.  I was careful to keep looking on the front side to make sure it was smooth.  

I was careful to keep looking on the front side to make sure it was smooth.  I'm not going to lie - the corners are a bit hard and mine are not perfect.  I am ok with that though.

I ordered quite a lot of trim samples from MJ Trim.  Round one was a lot of velvets because I was going to try to do my own Greek key-ish pattern on them.  None were the right blue.  Round two was Greek key flat ribbons.  Still not loving the colors choices with my existing fabrics.

I was about to go with ivory / white velvet, but then found a great blue & cream flat ribbon trim at Printer's Alley.  It was the perfect colors!

I pinned it in a rectangle shape on the cornice border.  I rounded the corners without cutting.

Prior to gluing with fabric glue I placed it on the window to see if I was digging the pattern.

Then I glued away.  This glue was awesome - it didn't make the ribbon pucker at all and did not show through like a very watery glue like super glue would.  I applied two lines and tried to get as close to the outside of each ribbon so it will stay nice and flat.

Then I ironed the panels really well -- they were quite wrinkled after almost a full year folded in plastic.  First time I've ironed anything in probably years - it actually was kind of relaxing.  Maybe I'll start being a sweet wife and helping Josh out.

I then laid the ribbon about 1.5-2" from the edge of the panel and glued down.

Then I hung with a cheap rod from Mill Outlet.  Be careful not to get one that sticks out too far (based on depth of cornice).

I used my drill and put D-rings on the back of my cornices.  I then used two 75 lb. hangers to ensure they were going to be secured into the wall (especially since my cheapo rod can't support the cornice!).


It really was not hard at all, but this was semi-DIY.  Wish I owned a table saw (is that even the right kind for this project, Dad?) and knew how to sew (like Mom)!

Will report back when the other panels arrive and it's complete.



  1. Whitney I am so impressed with this, they look great! You should look at my friend Minnette's blog sometime she does a lot of great DIY projects as well. Here is a similar project that she did:

    Also think you will like this lamp project:

  2. you did such an amazing job!! if only i had the time and patience to make something like that for our bedroom!

  3. Adding a cornice made the room better! Although, it's beautiful even without it. Sometimes, choosing a print and pattern for the cornice is a bit tricky because you need a fabric and print that would go with the whole room, and at the same time works with every curtain that you have. Of course, congratulations to your bedroom because it looks ultra fab! :) Tiffany Larsen