Sunday, December 2, 2012

Design dilemma - screen porch

This blogging is becoming more and more sporadic, so thanks for sticking with me!  I'll try to be better.

I have a design dilemma and would love some feedback from you.

The chairs are neutral and painted cream.

The couch is painted cream with green, yellow and blue fabric.  It's a floral and bird pattern that I probably wouldn't have picked as my first choice, but it's totally fine and was recovered just before I purchased so it's in good condition.  I still need to get pillows, but am waiting to decide which direction I'm going.

The table and chairs are bright white with coral pink seat cushions.  I LOVE the shape of these chairs so much and I of course love the pink, but is it too Palm Beach for my Raleigh screen porch?  It would take a fair amount of fabric to recover the couch...  

So what do you think?  What would you do to tie it all together?  Do you think go with the pink or go with the green / blue?  Would you paint the table and chairs a really light blue or some color other than cream?  What about doing some sort of big block monogram in the cream chairs to give them a little fun personalized touch (and color)?

We live in this room, so Josh is bugging me to get pillows for the couch, but need to pick a direction before investing any more cash monies!



  1. Of course I'm going to comment b/c I'm excited you have a blog post- I'd do a blue or a green or yellow stripe or coordinating fabric on the table's chairs since the pink is the easiest to me tomorrow- I have a new fabric place for you....$7.99/yard and it is all gorgeous!

    1. Oh yes - $7.99 is right up my alley! Do tell, do tell!

  2. What about doing plain green or blue pillows for your couch with pink ribbon cording that coordinates with your chairs. I like the pops of pink. I think you need some rose bushes in that same color to see from your porch.

  3. DO NOT CHANGE THAT PINK LADY! Seriously. Leave the dining table and chairs white with those pink cushions. If it were me, I'd actually paint the sofa the same pink as the chair cushions and leave the fabric. No lie. That chartruese and blue would look awesome paired against pink and you tie it all in with one swoop. Next get pillows for the couch that are solid creams with varying cording and monogramming in the blue, pink and green to tie it all in. Same goes for the little tiny pillows for those amazing cane chairs.

    Actually, forget it. Sell it all to me and just start over :)