Sunday, December 16, 2012

Impressive Calligraphy

We are organizing an engagement party for our dear friends, La & Bean, and in discussing invitation options and looking through plenty of gorgeous cards -- I realized that maybe we could enlist one of the fellow bridesmaids, Haden, to do something so much more special and custom.  She graciously obliged and the end result was stunning.  I've already received comments from guests about how it's the "most beautiful," "unique," "custom & cool" invitation they've ever received.  I have to agree that when mine arrived last week, I was in awe.  This girl has got talent and style!

I love the navy & white calligraphy and I'm thinking about framing this envelope in our den.
The metallic champagne glass wax seal was another special touch.
The actual invitation was printed on wood - Haden came up with this idea and I love it for a winter, co-ed party.
Just as I was about to post about this late last week another Haden creation arrived -- her equally unique Christmas card.  You can see the time, thought and effort that went into each card she created.  I am so impressed with the craftmanship and tradition of her creations.
Completed with another beautiful wax seal

Aren't you impressed?  I know my 2013 resolutions are going to include finding local calligraphy classes.  Who is interested?

Check out Haden's blog, My Pink House, to keep up with her calligraphy, floral arranging, thoughts, style and more.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Josh & I made a game time decision and went to Mistletoe Ball last night in downtown Raleigh.
Notice my favorite new ChesterNYC necklace.  I do love a man in a traditional tuxedo!

Two handsome Otto brothers under some mistletoe.

Jason's lady, Marie, was one of the hostesses!

Can't believe Christmas is so soon!


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