Sunday, November 18, 2012

South in Chapel Hill - Coffee Table

Have you been to South in Chapel Hill yet?  It's a gorgeous store in Meadowmont.  Furniture, fine linens, lighing, china & glassware, art, baby, decorative accessories, etc. 

I popped in and immediately fell in love with a coffee table in the front of the store.  I've been looking for months for a gold and mirror or glass coffee table, but this one was perfect to me.  Just the right mix of funk and glamour.

It's now in my living room and is styled with things I grabbed from around the house (and magnolia and pine cones from the front yard!).  I'll look forward to finding a few new accessories to keep it seasonal and fun.

Still lots to do in here, but I'm happier with the room by adding this and removing the crazy bright pillow I had in the chair.

Thanks to those of you who said prayers for my dad during his latest bout with double pneumonia.  He is gaining strength and we pray he continues on the path he is on so he can be discharged mid-week to finish recovering at home.  We are happy to be heading to Charlotte to see him on Wednesday!
Autumn Moon Camellia is blooming like crazy in our backyard!


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