Thursday, March 1, 2012

Express - Not just for teenagers or the 90s!

I've been eyeing some Aztec skirts for the last few months...but most came with a hefty price tag.

Most of the below are Antik Baltik or All Saints.

Here is the print in a top

...and Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, rocking the print.

Have you been to Express in years?  If you are like me, that is a NO.  Well while thumbing through the March Vogue I came across this darling sequin skirt.

For $59 I took it home (even though it was a little big).  Can't wait to wear it this weekend. For the record, they had some other really cute things as well -- and all reasonable!



  1. I recently got this too!!!! My sister told me they had "pueblo prints". Great minds think alike.