Thursday, March 19, 2015

60th birthday party ideas - round 1

We've had a few big birthdays around here lately.  My dad turned 60 in February and my mother-in-law in March, so we've been celebrating and came up with some fun ideas to make each feel like a special party even though it was only immediate family enjoying a nice dinner together.

First up, my dad's at my parents' house in Charlotte

Love the big number balloons (from Party City - come in metallic gold, silver and a few other colors).

We rounded up pictures from each decade, blew them up and printed in black and white.  Then I created the little party hats in PowerPoint with a few simple shapes - cut them out and taped on the "heads." The birthday banner was an easy PowerPoint project too.

Love my family!

We love you, dad!  Here's to many, many more celebrations.



  1. These ideas are just wonderful dear, I am also planning a small party for my father and I am really confused if I should plan a party at home or should I look for some party places in the Bronx? Please help me.

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