Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Steven Hamrick

Every couple dreams of setting up two best friends, but it doesn't usually work out as easily and magically as it did for Josh and I.  As I've mentioned on this blog before, we had success setting up two very dear friends (a bridesmaid and groomsman) from our wedding almost five years ago.  This past weekend Kathryn and Chris got married in Charlotte.  We couldn't be more thrilled for them and had the best weekend with so many friends and family.

Get ready for lots of pics...sadly, most are iPhone pics.

Thursday Night Welcome: Ayers' Residence
The bride and I in our "crazy pants."  I was shocked Josh actually liked these.

Charles came Thursday and was quite the hit with the young ladies!

Bridesmaids Luncheon: Carmel Country Club

Mother of the bride, Bride and Matron of honor (her sister Ashley)

The bride was a professional ballerina in Charleston for several years and we each received a rose at our place setting - such a sweet touch

One of the lovely hosts, Kiki's aunt Linda

Kiki and Nancy

Church: Covenant Presbyterian Church
Rehearsal Dinner: Bonterra

How adorable is this couple?!

Mother and brother of the groom

Sister and niece of bride

Niece and nephew of the bride.  Shortly after this photo her nephew, Dylan, practiced walking down the aisle and confessed the whole way down, "I don't want to be the ring boy anymore!"  He couldn't be coaxed into doing it on the big day, so he's now known as the ring bearer dropout.  What a cutie!

Parents of the bride

Kathryn had a grooms cake made to represent days at Cape Lookout.  Those are some of our absolute favorite memories with the couple and we look forward to going on the boat with the Hamrick family all year.  Absolute perfect days!

The mister and I

Kathryn's older brother and his son

High school besties

Ayers Sisters

Church: Covenant Presbyterian
Reception: Myers Park Country Club

bride's bouquet

Probably the only time we will be a bridesmaid and groomsman in a wedding

Front and back of the gorgeous gown

Kathryn with her brothers and nephews

MP girls that now are Raleigh residents

Loved this glittery sugar peony on her cake!

You two are really (and finally!) married! We can't wait for many more decades of memories with you both! We love you!



  1. Where are your "crazy pants" from? So cute!

    1. Thank you! The "crazy pants" are Joy Joy and from Monkee's in Chapel Hill -- great price point for something you can't wear every day. :)