Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend recap - party time for Kiki & Chris

We hosted a couples' shower for our dear friends, Kathryn & Chris, on Saturday night at our house.  They met at our wedding (bridesmaid & groomsman!) and almost 5 years later they are tying the knot.  We are so excited!  It was a blast and the snow caused a work trip to Miami to be cancelled, so I was able to take my time preparing the food and house - it was fun!

For the first time since the move we actually set up food around the dining room table and desserts on the buffet.  It was only partially successful at getting people to the front of the house...the kitchen is definitely the heart of our house.

I moved our kitchen table to the corner of the breakfast room and set up the liquor and wine bar.

I was so excited to find these little milk glass compotes for my drink garnishes for next to nothing at Davenport Florist.

I didn't do a good job of capturing pictures of people, but here's one shot of some of the girls.

Trader Joe's majorly hooked it up in the flower department for me last week.  I bought two bunches of forsythia and stuck them in these glass urns (from Homegoods last Christmas) that still had moss in them from Christmas when they housed poinsettias on my den mantle.  I put some oasis down in a pint glass and stuck them in - took about 2 minutes and I like the blooming twig look for a change.  Total cost = $15

I also got 4 cheap orchids from Trader Joe's for my dining room table.  These should last me a few months.  I just always add moss and the fake green flowering twigs (from Atlantic Avenue Garden Center) to make it look a little nicer.

The kitchen island was simple with roses from Josh for V Day.

A week or two ago I snagged these little hydrangeas for about $4 each (TJ's too) to put by the kitchen sink.  The green plants (blanking on the name) are leftover from Christmas and are dead, but they dried green so I've left them.  Probably time to ditch!

I also got 4 heart balloons from the Dollar Store to tie out front for guests to know our house was the party house.  I've been too lazy to take them down, so hopefully neighbors aren't thinking we had a baby girl. :)
Ignore the dead gardenia topiary

Speaking of baby...we are down to about 24 days!  I'm actually in Richmond today and tomorrow for work (against doctor's orders), but staying the night with one of my best friend's from college, Julia, in case the Otto Bean decides to make his debut a bit early.

More finds from the weekend coming soon...as well as nursery reveal.

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  1. Hey Whitney! Those gardenias might not be dead. Pull all the brown leaves off. It will look worse for the time being but new green leaves might soon emerge!