Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Asian Peanut Dressing

Today Bailey (the middle sis) is sharing a recipe on my blog.  She is such a good and creative cook!  I can follow a recipe, but I don't have the innate ability to whip something up with whatever ingredients I have in the fridge like she and my mom do.  I'm trying to learn though!

1/2 c. peanut butter (I used crunchy but creamy would probably work better and then you'd just throw in some whole peanuts for the crunch)
4-6 T Lime Ponzu sauce (To your taste, but I could drink the stuff! You could use an additional T of soy and another lime to get about the same flavor if no ponzu available)
1 T reduced sodium soy sauce
Juice of half a lime
1 inch chunk of fresh ginger
Pepper to taste

Pulse in a food processor or blender.  If it is too thick, add chicken broth (or water) 1 T at a time.  No oil is needed, as the peanut butter acts as the emulsion factor.

It was so good, cheap & EASY!  I put it on whole wheat noodles while they were still a little warm and added julienned carrots, pepper, cucumber and a shallot.  I dumped the warm noodles on top of the shallots to cook them a tiny bit so there wasn't an oniony flavor.  All other ingredients can be tossed in whenever.  You could use any crunchy vegetables on hand such as snap peas or tomato.

Enjoy!  Thanks for the post, Bailey!


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