Friday, December 12, 2014

Brass Tinkering

I got my buffet a few years ago for a price I won't even tell you.  I'm serious, it was that good.  I still love it - great shape, size and wood grain, but sometimes I lust after styles a bit dressier.

Like the one I blogged about from Caroline's bridesmaid luncheon.  I mean...I drooled over this piece of furniture.  I adore the brass and inlaid details of this piece.

As a refresh here is mine.  

I started thinking one of the characteristics I loved about the sideboards I was pining after was their beautiful brass hardware, so I did some web browsing and bit the bullet on some new lion pulls for my buffet.  I am loving it!!

I purchased 2 large lion pulls and 4 smaller lion pulls - all for about $70.  Much less than a new sideboard!

In other news, I'm still mad at myself for not buying this barcart ($129!!!!!) I spotted it at Homegoods last Saturday night.  After dreaming about it (literally), I rushed over as quickly as possible on Sunday morning.  I parked quickly and felt myself practically running through the automatic doors and down the aisles.  It was gone.  My heart sank.  I literally almost shed a tear.  I then proceeded to call all the Homegoods in Raleigh, Charlotte (mom volunteered to pick it up) and Richmond (sister volunteered to pick it up), to no avail. Lesson learned - buy it the second you truly consider something at Homegoods and you can always return it.  I have no real spot for this barcart, but it was such a beauty and such a steal!  Would have been fun for parties on my screen porch and patio.  I'll keep hunting!  Raleigh peeps- if you see it again, please buy it for me and I'll pay you a finders fee.

Charles has taken to crawling in the powder room and tinkering in there - he tries to flush the toilet and open the cabinets under the sink...can't take my eye off this little sweetie!  We are taking him to meet Santa tomorrow at RCC.  I'm guessing he will try and yank his beard, but be mostly uninterested.


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  1. I love the bar cart! I imagine it on my own patio on beautiful summer nights. Since I am such a compulsive shopper I would have just bought it - and probably regretted it later of course. Your buffet table is gorgeous. I'm sure it will really bring out the finer points of your dining room too!

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals