Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby Wardrobe Revamp

Over Christmas in Charlotte my sweet aunt brought me the baby wardrobe that was in my dad's nursery, her nursery, my nursery, my sisters' nurseries and then my aunt's two children's nurseries.  We are now onto the 3rd generation to use it by having it in my baby's nursery.  It's a sentimental piece and will also be very functional with all the storage it will provide.

It's a solid piece of furniture, it just needed some fresh paint and I decided I wanted to change out the wooden knobs for brass hardware.

The nice Benjamin Moore man recommended the Natura line after he saw my pregnant belly.  It was great paint - went on very smooth with little smell.  I chose Decorators White as the color and did it in a semi-gloss finish.

This was a very easy project.  First, I removed all the knobs.  I then used 409 all over it to get rid of the dirt and grime.  Next, I sanded the entire piece lightly.  I had to sand a little harder where I'd removed the knobs because the paint was not even in those spots.  Then- I got to painting!  I did 3 light coats.

I ordered the Lee Valley Plain Brass Ring Pulls in their largest size (57mm x 49mm).  What a deal for $3.25 each!
Plain Ring Pulls - Hardware

Before and after

My mom gave me these little animals (which are technically adorable ornaments) for Christmas.  I may leave them out year round if I have room.  Or they may come out and go on a little tree in the nursery during the holidays.  Or they may be incorporated into a little DIY project...

My parents also gave me 4 prints from The Animal Print Shop's babies collection.  I bought a four pack of white gallery frames from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $29.99 and framed them myself.  I may paint the frames or change the matting (currently creamy with white frames) to make them pop a little more.  Can't decide though because I do like the neutral look of them as shown on the site.

Josh thinks we have enough animals in the nursery now.  I really don't want it to become too much of a theme, so I think he is right.  Not too many more animal accessories will be purchased - we are running out of space for decorating and need the functional items now anyways!  Can't wait for my shower this weekend.



  1. just having a chance to browse some blogs for the first time in looks so great with your baby bump!! looks like he'll be here before you know it! and love how his little nursery is turning out! you have such a great eye!!!