Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ladies Lounge Updates

I've been focusing my home efforts lately on the "ladies lounge."

Current state:

I wanted to add a piece with some height and something that could serve as part display / part storage.  I found a piece I fell in love with at Studio123.  I think I may be addicted to chicken wire...

Before and after...

The piece needed a little TLC and these products became my best friends.

Then I decided to lighten up the inside of the cabinet.  (I guess I'm actually addicted to wallpapering cabinets and chicken wire...)  The dining room had wallpaper that I bet was gorgeous in its day, but after years had started fading and falling off (you can see in the pic the floral wallpaper below it showing through).  During the renovation process lots of neighbors stopped by asking if they could come in to see the dining room wallpaper because they'd loved looking in at night and thought it was beautiful.  My mother-in-law and I both made trips to the house trying to salvage as big of scraps as we could (mold and all!).  I knew there could be a future project where it would come in handy and would make a good conversation piece.
Since the colors are kind of greenish and gold I decided to try to use the scraps on this piece.  The pictures with my flash make it look so much more metallic and shiny than it actually appears in person-- it's much more subdued.  

BUT I still can't decide if I like it, but now I've cut it all up so I really couldn't do anything else with it.  I'm thinking if I have accessories that are a bit more unified and younger it will help.  Thinks all blue and white or all cream & gold, etc.  Right now it looks like a treasure hunt in a grandma's basement!

(I do love the little silhouette of yours truly that I snagged from my parents' house recently)
I am still working on getting the brass keyholes to match and fix the one on the right.  (It does show up more than the pic below - somewhere in the middle of the two)

Olivia literally sits & sleeps in this chair all.day.long while I'm working.  Tough life.

I'm thrilled with out the little green dot velvet pillows turned out, but still saving up to have the chairs recovered.  Although seeing how much time Olivia spends in there is making me rethink cream velvet!

I finally had my new couch pillows made too.
Still need to work on the mantle.  Can't decide what style mirror and if I want to do sconces on either side or leave space for urns (or something decorative with height & color).

In other news, I forgot how happy $17 orchids from Costco can make me and how long they last!  Love the pink double stems.  I spruced them up with a little moss, twigs & my favorite Homegoods mercury glass urns.  They should last me another few months - definitely the most efficient way to have living flowers.


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  1. Love it! First off, Costco flowers really are the best. Second, I might have to talk to you about chicken wire. We are inheriting a large piece from my grandmother and I want to install chicken wire in place of all the glass. I've never worked with it. . . easy project?