Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekend with Gertie

I met my new "niece" last weekend and she is the cutest piglet I have ever laid eyes on.  I was also so happy to see my middle sister, Bailey, and her boyfriend -- I cannot believe it had been 6 whole months!  Move back to the South please.

Warning: If you aren't interested in dog pictures, you should go ahead and stop reading now. :)

Gertie in the ladies lounge with my new pillows (post to come).
My favorite bulldog mama, April, came over to meet her too.
Can a family get much cuter than this? (their cocker spaniel was back in Boston)
We tried Olivia's flower dog accessories on tiny Gertrude -- looks like someone is ready for her parents to get married!

She is only 14 weeks, but we are already talking about her having puppies.  Get on the list now -- it doesn't get cuter than this.


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  1. O.M.G.!!!!! I am dying looking at this dog!!! There are no words for how stinking cute she is!!!!